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Giovanni Giakaze

A view of the Beacon Theatre from TFF 2014 Opening Night!
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<3 It was beautiful last year,
Beautiful Eyes

Jean-Michel Basquiat in a vintage polo.


Deep in your spirit, you can speak soul.

Giovanni Giakaze

Rain forest - Soufière - Guadeloupe


Going oil pastel shopping later, feeling colorful creative.

Giovanni Giakaze
"….and by protecting you I mean giving you my wisdom and knowledge of emotion experience " - Giovanni Giakaze

"It’s never been just about fried chicken… That all familiar smell that fills the house, an entrancing aroma the recalls back the moments of years that preceded my present. The kind of smell that creeps throughout the house like a morning mist in full bloom & covers you as cloak would nestling itself within the fibers of your clothing. This is love manifested in granny’s cooking; I’m talking about food that permeates through the soul & reverberates in the spirit. When you taste it you hear it her voice never clearer. Everyone of her meals revealed the hope she had for you even if she never told you she showed you. A praying grandmother who knew what the Will of God had in store for you. In this I find peace & retreat to that inner child to the days I spent my early summers & even now as a man fully grown as my fathers beard shrouds my cheekbones I recline in her comfort as I would my mother. I’m just trying to make Etoye & her 5th daughter proud of me. Momma, I can’t always feel you although I know that you’re smiling down on me & if you could just talk to The Lord for me ask if he could push a few pieces across the board for me. I’m so tired of losing could you maybe even the score for me. No stranger to pain my tears conceal both all that I have lost & gained. To my own surprise there is so much more of me left than what I thought remained. 28 years to the day today it took me 28 years to find my way for my momma to die & my whole world to break to realize what is truly at stake. I descend from royal stock but somewhere along the way I forgot so I pledge that the next 28; chase the seconds, the minutes, the hours or even the days I will not. You’ll stop being a slave to time when you learn He who holds the clock.

Hallelujah in Jesus name <3

Always apply full understanding of the consequences. Then do.

Giovanni Giakaze

Paper Clip Monster! for #DBH Photo Real contest


Giovanni Giakaze